Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability Strategy

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Sustainable business growth for the Company  relies on the consideration of investments and decisions built for a future-ready workforce.  The aforementioned product characteristic accommodates potential economic growth in line with social and environmental growth. Therefore, the Company continues to manage its business continuity by integrating the management of economic, social, and environmental aspects into business decisions. We apply the green coal mining concept in tandem with good mining practices to minimize the negative impacts of coal production and distribution.

The Company endeavours to integrate sustainability across every layer by running the Company’s business responsibly, despite the challenges of operating in a complex, interconnected and constantly evolving industry. The Company is constantly improving its internal processes to ensure operational excellence while going beyond compliance with regulatory requirements. The Company aims to create lasting value for stakeholders through its actions, hoping to generate further positive environmental, social, economic and financial impact for future generations.

the Company is committed to pursuing sustainable and inclusive growth with our people, business partners and the community while addressing our material areas with our stakeholders to build resilience against external shocks .

Activities to Build a Culture of Sustainability