Internal Audit

Internal Audit

The Company established the Internal Audit in accordance with OJK Regulation No. 56/ POJK.04/2015 on Internal Audit Unit Establishment and Charter Preparation Guidelines. In performing its duties and responsibilities, the Internal Audit observes the Internal Audit Charter ratified by the Board of Directors with the approval from the Board of Commissioners.  The Charter of Audit Internal can be downloaded here..

Margareta Yanti Honggo

Head of Internal Audit Unit

Indonesian citizen, 50 years old, resides in Jakarta. She was appointed as Head of Internal Audit Unit pursuant to Decision Letter of the Board of Directors dated March 14, 2016. She obtained her Bachelor of Accounting degree from Tarumanagara University in 1995. She has been working at PT Rajawali Corpora since 2005, and serves a number of positions such as Senior Manager (2005-2008), GM Business Planning and Performance Analysis (2009-2016), and Head of Performance & Compliance (since 2017).

Previously, she joined with PT Excelcomindo Pratama (1998- 2005) with last position as Business Process Specialist and Siddharta Siddharta & Harsono Public Accounting Firm as Senior Auditor (1995-1997). She was appointed as the Head of Internal Audit based on the Decree of the Board of Directors dated March 14, 2016.

  1. Identifying risks so that they can be managed adequately.
  2. Reviewing and providing input pertaining to good corporate governance system in adequately managing the Company’s relations with related parties.
  3. Developing, submitting and requesting approval for the Internal Audit’s work plan.
  4. Providing objective information and suggestions for improvements to the results of assignment activities to the management, particularly those responsible for the Company’s finances.
  5. Preparing and submitting reports on audit results to the Audit Committee, the Board of Commissioners, and the President Director.
  6. Evaluating and expanding audit activities to maintain and improve audit quality.
  7. Monitoring, analyzing and reporting on the implementation of follow-up updates.
  8. Working together with the Audit Committee to improve audit quality as well as performing special assignments.